A Letter to Youth Pastors

Youth Pastors:

   Thank you so much for taking time to open and read this letter.

   We are reaching out to you, because you as a youth pastor have an incredible opportunity. You
have prospective college students who desire to continue their pursuit of Christ, and yet they are truly unaware of what awaits them in college.  The college life is hard.  The distractions are enormous and very real.  Parties, sex, alcohol, and drugs are undeniably present in college, and new students are quickly sucked into that lifestyle.  Did you know that 75% of high school students stop going to church once they reach college?  It is a sad reality, but faith is put on the back burner during college, and guys stop desiring to pursue their relationship with Christ.  So, you, as a mentor and youth pastor to these kids, have an opportunity.  You have an opportunity to encourage students to
continue to pursue Christ and to not turn their back on their faith. You have an opportunity to show them a community of believers dedicated to pursuing Christ: That is AGO! 

   AGO strives to provide a brotherhood, founded in Christ, that offers accountability for Christian growth.  We strive to uphold the values of Christ, while searching reverently for the Truth.  Essentially, we are a bond of men seeking to love the Lord as best as we can.  AGO is the Christ-centered fraternity!  Sounds like an oxymoron right?  We are a fraternity in that we value tradition and brotherhood, but we are Christ-centered, because everything we are about revolves around Christ.  Our friendships, our relationships with women, and our daily lives all reflect the meaning of Christ-centered, and ultimately, through our actions and faith we hope to be the best men of God possible. 

   The special thing about AGO is the relationships formed within. There is truly nothing greater in college than to have 100 brothers to grow with, to maintain accountability with, and to love
Christ with.  We have actives and alumni from all denominations, walks of life, and nationalities. The active body is diverse in interests, activities, and beliefs. We encourage scholastic achievement (AGO has the second highest GPA among all other fraternities), sports, social activities, and service. Just a few of our notable Fall semester activities include: A national football tournament among AGO chapters out in California, a pledge retreat up to the mountains, and perhaps the most notable, a mission trip to Calcutta India during winter break. We pride ourselves in our service and the impact we have had on the school, community, and world. Through the array of activities we take part in, there is a place for everyone in AGO; what unites us is the common passion we have for Christ and what He has done in our lives.

   It would be awesome if you could pass this information to any of your students, parents, staff, and friends, as we are striving to become known. God truly works in amazing ways and it would
be great to see how God works in the hearts of your students. If you have any prospective CU students, we would love to take them out to lunch and get to know them. God bless, and thank
you so much for taking time to listen and check us out. If you have any other questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to call.

   In his Grip,

   The brothers of Alpha Gamma Omega

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